Big Ben Moving to Belfast?

Big Ben Moving to Belfast?
Who has the power in a negotiation?
As the Conservatives negotiate with the DUP to gain their support in order to govern, this provides a great example of when it is not the largest player who has the power. Because the Conservatives need the DUP more than the DUP need the Conservatives, they could demand that Teresa May move Big Ben to Belfast and she would probably have to do it. In short, the DUP have all the power. Please consider this when next in negotiation with a big company.

Warrington Free Taster Session – Purchasing Tips, Tools & Techniques

It was great to meet fellow procurement and supply chain professionals on our free course today in Warrington.  The free courses give an insight into purchasing tips, tools and techniques and how this can help you in your roles.  Today we also explained how apprenticeships for procurement professionals will work too.

If you would like to attend our next free taster course, or would like any information regarding courses or apprenticeships, please contact us via the website.

Celebrating 5 years of Training Buyers in Warrington

.As the local CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply) provider for Warrington, Aspire Procurement Training Ltd is celebrating a successful 5 years of training procurement professionals in the Warrington area.  Aspire have been training people in purchasing, supply chain, contract management & buying roles since 2012 to become professionally qualified and gain their MCIPS accreditation.

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Carlisle CIPS Exam Centre Approved!

Aspire Procurement Training are pleased to announce that they have this week received approval to open a CIPS Exam Centre in Carlisle.

The venue for the exam centre is the Premier Inn M6, J44, Carlisle.
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