Formal notice of CIPS qualifications review

CIPS has embarked on a review of its professional qualifications from Certificate through to Professional Diploma. This review ensures that CIPS qualifications will continue to meet the future challenges and demands of global organisations and the procurement and supply profession as a whole.

What happens next?

No immediate changes will happen with your current study plan so don’t stop or delay your studies as everything you achieve will remain valid and transfer over when we update our qualifications.

Keeping you informed

To ensure that you receive all communications about the progress of our qualifications review, please keep your contact details up to date in your MyCIPS account at all times. We will provide information about the review to all students in a timely way.

You can also speak to Aspire Procurement Training Ltd about your studies as we provide them with regular updates as the qualifications review progresses.

When will the changes affect me?

Students on Certificate and Advanced certificate in procurement and supply operations qualifications
The remaining assessment opportunities on the current qualifications are May 2018,  July 2018 and November 2018.

Students on Diploma, Advanced diploma and Professional diploma in procurement and supply qualifications
There will be no changes to these qualifications in 2018 so don’t stop or delay your studies. We will give you more details about the outcomes of our review of these existing qualifications in forthcoming communications scheduled throughout 2018.

Your next communication from CIPS

We appreciate you may have questions, therefore we have created a webpage which we will update monthly with news about the review. You should regard this as your primary source for up to date information where you can authenticate any information you have been given by other sources.

Another way of keeping up to date will be to read your monthly student newsletter ‘Knowledge update’ and to look out for CIPS posts in our social media channels.

Remember – Don’t stop or delay your studies, everything you achieve will remain valid with the introduction of the updated qualifications.