This qualification is designed for those who have worked in industry for at least 2 years and need to the capability to carry out procurement and supply tasks.

This level will give you the knowledge to understand demand management, arrange supply logistics and implement new contracts.  Students are typically 20-61 years old…it is never too late to study & improve.


Featured Level 3 Courses:

Classroom Course – £1,195  (+VAT) 

Skype Course – £1,195  (+VAT) 


Who Should Consider This Level

  • Administrative & Procurement Assistants with at least 2 years experience.
  • Staff involved in the Procurement/Ordering of any goods or services.
  • Contracts Administrator.
  • Stock Controller.
  • Merchandiser.

Course Formats

  • Classroom Course (10 am – 4 pm) – 5 Tutorials in Warrington
  • Skype (Flexible times) – 15 Skype Tutorials

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Courses Contents & Units

The Level 3 Advanced Certificate course comprises of 5 Units, which are delivered using a blend of
group interaction, case studies and role plays to support the CIPS course material.  We have a clear
objective which is to ensure students are able to relate the learning to practical experience in the

The five units at this level are:

  • Unit AC1. Procurement and Supply Environments – On completion candidates will understand a range of external factors that can impact on procurement and supply operations.
  • Unit AC2. Procurement and Supply Operations – Identifies a range of considerations in formulating agreements with external organisations.
  • Unit AC3. Procurement and Supply Workflow – Helps candidates interpret a range of data to help develop effective administration processes required when dealing with external organisations.
  • Unit AC4. Inventory and Logistics Operations – In this unit, candidates will be able to select appropriate techniques to ensure the right inventory can be purchased or supplied.
  • Unit AC5. Procurement and Supply Relationships – This unit explains a range of main principles and techniques that help develop customer and supplier relationships.

Entry Requirements

None – you don’t need any prior experience or qualifications to start your studies at this stage. If you already have a CIPS Certificate this qualification will build on your current knowledge and understanding.

Unit Examinations

All assessments are designed to test the learning outcomes set out in each CIPS unit. Candidates are assessed by an exam for each unit which consists of a 2 hours multiple-choice exam with Candidates required to answer 60 multiple choice questions.  Exams fees (£520) are paid to Aspire Procurement Training who will book your exams for you.

NB. All students have to join CIPS as a Student Member (currently £184).  Membership fees are paid directly to CIPS by the student.

Joining a CIPS qualification programme means you will join the largest Institute in the world for those working in procurement and supply. You can join as a member online or by downloading a membership form.

Packages, Prices & Schedules

If you’re interested in this course, please contact us for more information about the packages, price and schedules.